• 1
    No plant, rock or animal, (including shells, bones, and pieces of wood), or other natural objects should be removed or disturbed.

  • 2

    Be careful not to transport any organic material to the islands, or from island to island

  • 3

    Do not take any food to the uninhabited islands.

  • 4

    Do not touch or handle the animals.

  • 5

    Do not feed the animals.

  • 6

    Do not startle or chase any animal.

  • 7

    Stay on marked trails, or in visiting sites. Watch for trails and areas marked by the white wooden stakes.

  • 8

    Do not leave any litter on the islands, or throw any off your boat.

  • 9

    Do not deface the rocks.

  • 10

    Do not buy souvenirs or objects made native Galapagos products. If anyone offers you any, please let the National Park Service know.

  • 11

    Do not visit the islands unless accompanied by a licensed National Park guide.

  • 12

    Do not smoke on the islands.

  • 13

    Show your conservationist attitude.