The Galapagos Volunteer Program thinks that peace between nations is based upon a perpetual exchange of knowledge.

Get to know the people and their land, listen, watch, offer what you know and your mission will be accomplished.

Please, keep in mind that we are not a travel agency. Locals, kids and grownups are eager to learn. We are committed to running a reliable, accountable and credible educational service. We honour our duty to both our Volunteers and their Students.
If you are selected and sent to the Islands, please remember that the kids can not afford to lose their English, or Science Teacher after two weeks because she/he decided she/he had seen enough.

We prefer to let you know in advance: what you are going to experiment with is not a tourist Adventure.
What you are going to experience is what the Galapaguenos feel everyday. You are going to share their proximity with nature: crossing the street trying to avoid stepping on a sea lion, swimming with the turtles as if they were not there.
Having to live with the locals, like the locals, you may have some hard moments… This is not just an adventure, this is real life. If you are ready to take the challenge, experience the life of a foreign community, its happiness, fear, and sadness, sharing your moments with your local colleagues, well, The Galapagos Volunteer Program is right for you.

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